About AACE

The All Authors Certificate of Excellence (AACE) Project represents:

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Advocacy: At All Authors we believe in the advocacy of the Author’s Voice. There is richness in our tapestry that is well deserving of celebration!

Authenticity: All Authors is not impressed with works that embody “same script, different casts”. We desire those gems that sparkle amidst the grass of the overly manufactured and mediocre.

Creativity: There’s writing, and then there’s writing on fire—presenting material is such a way that you’re held hostage but never yearn for freedom. All Authors beam at books that not just hint at creativity but have that quality permeate each and every page.

Exemplified: At All Authors, we want to honor works that serve as trailblazers to a particular genre or the transcendence of genres. Those works emphatically answer the query, “What first comes to mind?”